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To Stay on the Ground

One of the main issues with investigating bird and bat mortality at wind farm sites is the removal of the remains of the dead animal, the “carcass”, by scavengers (such as ravens, jackals or insects) before the human surveyors are able to find and document them. The scavenger activity is one of the reasons that the real number of carcasses at a site is more than what is documented by the researchers.

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Why Bats?

One of the important questions to ask while a Wind Farm project is still at planning stage is whether a significant bat population or endangered bat species inhabit the proposed site. This question is the crucial first step for preventing bat mortality down the road, since it is known that bats might be affected by collision with turbines just as much as birds do. This stance is shared by many international conservation institutions, including The Habitats Directive which is currently responsible for the legal protection of 45 species of bats across Europe.

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We launched the KAB Ecology website with Turkish and English language support. Here you can find out more about us and what we do, and keep up with news from us and our blog posts we pen about various topics from the sector.