The story of KAB Ecology begins in 2009 when founder Kerem Ali Boyla was invited to work as a biodiversity consultant for Gökçedağ WEPP which at the time was financed by IFC. This study was the first systematic bird count performed for an environmental impact assesment in Turkey. The report was published on IFC portal and gained traction. KAB Ecology team began growing with the inclusion of expert birdwatchers and started taking on an array of projects such as highways, airports, wind farms and pipelines.

KAB Ecology began offering services in acoustic bat studies in 2015 and flora studies in 2016. In 2019, Boyla officially started KAB Ecology as a sole proprietorship based in Şişli, İstanbul. The company started offering services abroad in 2020 after it completed projects in Cuba and Afghanistan.

KAB Ecology continues to conduct biodiversity studies according to highest standards and pioneer mitigation applications in projects financed by IFC, EBRD, ADB, AFD and KfW.ational authorities.

Our Mission

To conduct research and provide nature positive solutions based on the highest environmental standards developed by international financial institutions in order to ensure sustainability and net zero impact on biodiversity for investestments in infrastructure.

To promote the expansion of the sector and the development of new professionals in biodiversity consultancy in Turkey.

Our Vision:

To become a major player in helping infrastructure imvestments become part of a sustainable future by enriching natural life and biodiversity.

To advance the current national legislation by submitting assessments that set a precedent.

Our Values:

To be possess superior knowledge in our sector and our fields of expertise.

To understand the unique needs of each and every single project and implement a wholistic approach for those needs. To effectively and clearly communicate our assessments to stakeholders from any background and field.

To operate with utmost compatibility with national and international institutions.

To adhere to the current scientific methods and guidelines in conducting our surveys and utilize the most reliable data sets in our analyses.

Kerem Ali Boyla

Founder and Director

Kerem Ali Boyla is an experienced ecologist and conservation professional with over 15 years of consultancy expertise. He holds a biology degree from METU (Turkey) and a master’s in Ecology from the University of East Anglia (England). As a former conservation professional, he is well-versed in bird and biodiversity protection, both nationally and internationally. Since 2009, he has worked as an independent consultant, later becoming the owner and manager of his own company in 2022. Kerem primarily specializes in wind power plants and his experience includes pre- and post-construction bird and bat surveys, elaboration of ESDD, ESAP’and ESMP reports and post-construction fatality monitoring.

Melisa Bal

Project Manager

Melisa is a dedicated ornithologist and bird conservationist, with a strong academic background. She gained her undergraduate degree at Marmara University and graduate degree at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Forestry. During her graduate years, Melisa spent two field seasons at the Ornithology Research Centre in Samsun, where she obtained her bird ringer license. During the same period, she managed a bird conservation project awarded by the Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation. In 2022, she broadened her horizons by participating in ornithological surveys in South Africa for six months, gaining international experience and expertise. Currently, Melisa serves as the Project Coordinator at KAB Ecology, where she oversees field studies and prepares scientific reports.

Serap <strong>Vural</strong>

Serap Vural

Accounting and Finance

She started her career in a small accounting office. Later, she worked in various positions for 12 years in the finance department of a holding company active in the areas of household appliances, automotive, construction and others. She joined the KAB Ecology team in 2021. She is in charge of managing the accounting and financial affairs of the company.

Sedat İnak

Bird Surveyor

Sedat İnak is a dedicated ornithologist and ecologist and surveyor. He served as the lead ringer at Aras and Kuyucuk Bird Ringing Stations for 6 years, where he obtained his bird ringer license. He holds a master’s degree in biology, with a thesis on the song migration strategies. For 4 years, Sedat was an integral part of the survey team responsible for monitoring migratory soaring birds at Istanbul Airport. Since 2019, Sedat has been actively engaged as a bird surveyor on infrastructure projects. His expertise spans pre-construction and post-construction bird surveys and post-construction fatality monitoring.” Currently, he’s pursuing a doctorate degree in landscape architecture.

Cemil Gezgin

Bird Surveyor

He started birdwatching at a young age in the forests of Yalova. He became one of the founders of the Istanbul Bird Watching Society in 2000 and mentored countless beginner bird watchers. He took part in bird research and nature conservation projects all across Turkey. He is an author of the TRAKUS Birds of Turkey book and also a regional reviewer for eBird online bird database. He has been working as a bird and botanical surveyor at infrastracture projects since 2009.

Nizamettin Yavuz

Bird Surveyor

He started birdwatching in Samsun Kızılırmak Delta. He has a ringing permit and has been in charge of the Kizilirmak Delta Bird Ringing Station for 20 years. He has conducted and published many nature conservation and research projects in ornithology. He is among the authors of the book TRAKUS Birds of Turkey and also a regional reviewer for eBird online bird database. He has been working as a bird surveyor at infrastracture projects since 2014.

Kadri Kaya

Bird Surveyor

He started birdwatching in 2007, he is a nature enthuisiast in Ayvalık region, Western Turkey. He took part in bird research and nature conservation projects in many regions of Turkey. He organised the Mid-Bird Waterfowl Counts in the Aegean region. In addition, he is interested in nature walks and photography. He has been involved in bird and biodiversity surveys in infrastructure projects since 2014.

Süleyman Ekşioğlu

Biodiversity Surveyor

He started birdwatching in 2001. He participated in various nature conservation and biodiversity surveys in all regions of Turkey. He was part of the team that discovered the Mediterranean population of the Brown Fish Owl (Ketupa zeylonensis) in 2008. He is also a butterfly expert and manages the Instagram account @kelebekdoktoru. He conducts bird surveys, mortality studies and acoustic bat studies with the KAB Ecology team.

Şebnem Samsa İnak

Bird Surveyor

She started birdwatching as an undergraduate majoring in biology and she completed her thesis on the birds of Çardak Lagoon in Çanakkale. She was a member of the scientific team researching Yelkouan Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan) in the Bosphorus and Dardanelles for 4 years. She was part of the survey team monitoring soaring migratory birds at the Istanbul Airport for 4 years. Currently she is a PhD student at the Department of Landscape Architecture of Düzce University. She has been working as a bird surveyor at infrastracture projects since 2019.

Maha Salameh

Bat Expert

She completed her master’s degree in evolution and ecology at the University of Bordeaux (France). Currently, she is a PhD student at Bilgin lab within the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Boğaziçi University. She joined KAB Ecology team as an intern in 2020. She is responsible for sound analysis in acoustic bat studies. She also conducts DNA analysis and identification for mortality studies.

Dilara <strong>Akpınar</strong>

Dilara Akpınar

Project Assistant

She completed her undergraduate degreee in biology at Ondokuz Mayıs University (Turkey). She volunteered at the Kizilirmak Delta Bird Ringing Station for many years. Currently, she studies the nesting preferences of woodpeckers in Belgrad Forest as a graduate researcher at the Faculty of Forestry of Istanbul University. She is also interested in ecological and ornithological monitoring with wildlife audio recorders. She assists KAB Ecology team with data entry, digitization and report revision since 2021.

Özmen Yeltekin

Bird Surveyor (former)

He spent most of his academic and professional life Edirne, European Turkey. He started birdwatching in 2005 and was actively involved in the development of TRAKUS online bird watching platform as the news editor. He has been studying the breeding biology of Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) in Thrace region for almost 20 years. He is an author of the book TRAKUS Birds of Turkey. He was a KAB Ecology bird surveyor between 2019-2022. He is currently the director of Edirne Natural History Museum.

Cansu Özcan

Bird Surveyor (former)

She majored biology at Hacettepe University (Turkey) and started birdwatching in 2012. For her master’s degree, she studied the reproductive success, habitat preference and diet of Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) in Bolu, Northwestern Turkey. In 2015, she began her long term research on the Eastern Imperial and Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) in Turkey in collaboration with international experts. She participated in the bird surveys for KAB Ecology since 2019.