KAB Ecology

Who We Are

Kerem Ali Boyla, MSc

+90 (545) 377 51 91

Ecology and conservation expert with over 15 years of multidisciplinary and international experience. Received his undergraduate degree in Biology from METU, Turkey and MSc in Applied Ecology Conservation from University of East Anglia, UK. He worked at BirdLife International South America between 2001-05. He also worked for multiple environmental conservation NGOs and gained experienced with collecting, managing and analysing ornithological survey data and a deep understanding of international and national conservation issues. He is currently applying his knowledge and skills for international and national finance and nature conservation institutions. He specializes in bird and bat mortality and impact mitigation in wind farms but has a broad range of interests in ecology, conservation and sustainable energy.

F. Esra Demirhan, BSc


After successfully defending her two year in the making interdisciplinary undergraduate honors thesis on applied freshwater ecology and bivalve conservation, she received her BSc degree in Biology from Lafayette College, USA. Prior to graduation, she assisted various projects in ecology and conservation laboratories as an undergraduate research assistant. On campus, she was involved in multiple leadership positions, her main focus being on community involvement and social justice. She has been a member of KAB Ecology team since early 2020.