KAB Ecology

Mitigation of Bird Collision

Due to Turkey’s location along the major migration routes of soaring bird  species, some wind farms might end up being developed in sensitive locations. This can result in high numbers of bird collisions unless mitigation action is taken which essential to keep the impact low. Mitigation can also be necessary for resident species, for example vultures during their post-breeding dispersal.

Active turbine management allows precisetemporary shutting down of turbines and ensures safe passage of birds while keeping energy production loss to a minimum. Skilled, full time observers keep a watchful eye throughout the migration season from selected vantage points. When they detect passage of the birds of certain species (e.g.  globally endangered species) and above threshold numbers, they inform the control desk to stop the turbines, which are later re-started after the observer gives an all clear when the birds are a safe distance away.

We provide the following services for mitigation of bird collision at wind farms:

  • Development of a site-specific, effective protocol for active turbine management which details the scope of work for surveyors and operators, time of the year, species and thresholds, and communications and reporting procedures
  • In-person training sessions for personnel (field surveyors, desk operators and managers) to ensure the protocol is accurately communicated, targeting the specific needs of each group, which includes shut-down drills
  • Comprehensive reporting of all shut-down events
  • Review of the shut-down data to further refine the active turbine management protocol