KAB Ecology

What We Do

We are the leading ecological consultancy in Turkey, providing reliable ecological advice based on on-ground experience, robust data and high-standard studies. Our services assist major companies and international finance institutions to comply with IFC PS6 Standards for sustainable development.

Our services include ecological impact assessment, due-diligence studies and ecological monitoring at development projects, such as highways, wind power plants, airports and other sectors and mitigation suggestions for Biodiversity Action Plans. Specific to wind farms, we provide bird and bat surveys, mortality studies and bird collision mitigation services.

We pride ourselves with our:

  • Focused setting of the scope of the study according to the needs of the project
  • Competent team of naturalist surveyors and field ecologists who operate sophisticated equipment
  • Implementation of credible survey techniques and and internationally recognised guidelines, planned according to nature’s calendar
  • Adept usage of GIS mapping and R packages for data processing
  • Concise, bilingiual reports for international institutions and national authorities